B737 Family B747 Family B767 Family B777 Family B787 Family
B737-700 B747-8 B767-2C B777-200ER B787-8
USD 89,100,000 USD 418,400,000 * USD 306,600,000 USD 248,300,000
B737-800 B747-8 Freighter B767-300ER B777-200LR B787-9
USD 106,100,000 USD 419,200,000 USD 217,900,000 USD 346,900,000 USD 292,500,000
B737-900ER B767-300 Freighter B777-300ER B787-10
USD 112,600,000 USD 220,300,000 USD 375,500,000 USD 338,400,000
B737 MAX 7 B777 Freighter
USD 99,700,000 USD 352,300,000
B737 MAX 8 B777-8
USD 121,600,000 USD 410,200,000
B737 MAX 200 B777-9
USD 124,800,000 USD 442,200,000
B737 MAX 9
USD 128,900,000
B737 MAX 10
USD 134,900,000

Boeing is committed to providing the most current data available. We hope you find this information useful as you review our complete family of airplanes—including the only freighter family available today.
The prices above reflect an average price reflecting a range of available options and configurations for each model. Configurations and options that may affect price include performance capability, interiors, avionics, fuel capacity, etc.
All prices are in U.S. dollars.

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